"Hanahaki" - A fictional disease in which the victim coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.

A small interactive fic made on Twine about Satoru Mashita having flowers growing inside his lungs.

Made withTwine
Average sessionA few minutes


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I'll be real here and say that this was the first hanahaki-related work I've actually sat down and appreciated. 

And I'll be real with you I'm so glad this introduced me to the hanahaki trope. The writing really hones in on the actual disease and what it is doing to Mashita, and i find it rly engaging. It gets to the point straight away. I'm gonna sound like an English teacher but lmao nice imagery. 

I also like the little things that helped hone in on Mashita's situation like the "drip, drip,drip" and the "get it out". It's obvious for me to say it, but the art's amazing and everything from the writing, art and sound work together.

Amazing work!!

Thank you so much!! This was my first time learning about the Hanahaki trope as well, so I had quite a lot of fun exploring the concept as a fantastical and metaphorical manifestation of love. I've made a Twine game before but only in the Harlowe format, so I learned a lot more things this time around and had more free range to work with it and add elements like sound, I'm really glad you enjoyed how it all came together! Thank you very much for reading!